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December 8, 2022

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Peruse, if you will, the Wikipedia entry on the color “lime”. It starts out as a nice overview of various colors which may be appropriately (or inappropriately, but commonly) called “lime.” So far, so good. Very encyclopedic, quite informative (and brings up the question: what genius decided to call #00FF00 “lime, ” instead of “green”? Why not call the other color “forest, ” or something?)

Then things go off the rails, in the “Lime in Human Culture” section, where we are treated to this gem:

The flavor Lime is very popular among Hispanics[citation needed]

which is possibly the most retarded thing written on Wikipedia (and I know that’s a sweeping generalization, but, come on, look at it!)

First, it is completely irrelevant to lime qua color. Second, it’s not at all encyclopedic. If you want to make a statement like that, wouldn’t it be better to write something like “The flavor of lime is very popular in Hispanic cooking”? So, what does Joe Random Wikieditor do when confronted with this statement? Decide that a citation is needed.

Postscript: I’m just about to go fix this, because it offends my sensibilities. But rest assured that it was actually there.

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