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August 22, 2006

Score one for Austin

Filed under: Journal — Milind Kulkarni @ 10:40 pm

So I’ve been in Austin for about three weeks now. I’m only really now feeling settled in.

I think it finally stuck last weekend. Nick (friend from Cornell), Meghan (new friend!) and myself went out on the town for my birthday. It wasn’t so much the birthday celebration that made me feel at home (although it was definitely fun). It was the feeling that I could definitely be happy hanging out with these people. That’s what it takes to feel at home: friends…

On a completely unrelated note, stores in Austin sell Mexican Coca Cola! This is truly awesome for two reasons:

  1. Glass bottles
  2. Sugar instead of corn syrup

I bought a whole case of it, all excited, only to realize that I didn’t have a bottle opener. I clearly don’t drink enough. Anyway, easily remedied, and this post is brought to you by the sugary-caffeiney goodness that is Mexican soda!

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