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December 8, 2022

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As proof, I present this thread

Background information: Earlier today there were rumors floating around that John Calipari was coming to Raleigh to tour NC State’s facilities, possibly as a prelude to his agreeing to coach the Wolfpack. Later in the day, a Memphis paper reported that Calipari was, in fact, still in Tennessee, but another outlet (don’t know which), said that Calipari was merely coming to Raleigh later than planned. And so the stalking… err… race… was on!

If you ever need a stalker (and God knows why you would), you could do a lot worse than some of the people in the thread. Highlights include:

  • Finding a private flight that left Memphis and was scheduled to land at a little-used municipal airport in Chapel Hill.
  • Tracking the flight as it was en route and noticing that it didn’t actually land in Chapel Hill, but instead diverted to RDU. This was proved by overlaying the actual flight path on Google Earth and comparing it to the locations of the two airports.
  • Monitoring the RBC center webcam and noticing that the lights were turned on several hours after they were turned off, for no apparent reason
  • Calling the RBC center security office and finding out that the media was cleared out of the building
  • Putting it all together conspiracy theory style to make all the timelines line up

I rest my case.

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