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June 3, 2005

Footnotes, Addendums and Appendices

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It occurs to me, after writing the post immediately prior, that I often start out on posts/essays/ramblings/rants like that with great momentum, and a sense of purpose. Eventually, though (by paragraph 4, or so), I run out of steam. It’s not that I get bored with the topic. I just get bored with writing in general. I no longer feel like putting in the effort to put together well structured and coherent sentences. Instead, I begin to write more like in this post. Lots of short, stubby sentences, with questionable grammar and comma usage. That’s usually my sign to wrap things up toot-quick.

I wonder if Neal Stephenson is like that. Not that I would compare my writing in any way to his, but he, too, seems to lose interest in a story after a while (although recently, it takes him about 900 pages), so that he eventually just wraps things up quickly, without a well-wrought coda.

Sort of like this.

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