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February 9, 2023

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My brother got himself a summer internship at Credit Suisse First Boston for the summer. He’ll be working as a trader. That’s entertaining in and of itself, as they’re presumably going to put my brother in charge of other people’s money. That should end up with my brother’s becoming either the next Warren Buffet or the next Michael Milken. I’ll leave it to you to decide which is more likely. Then again, even Michael Milken is filthy rich (Warren Buffet having progressed beyond filthy rich and straight on to even-multiple-dousings-with-bleach-won’t-help rich).

But the more amusing part is who he will be working with. He was taken out to dinner by the CSFB crew to some fancy French restaurant here in Ithaca during which his love for college basketball, specifically the brand of basketball played in the great state of North Carolina, came up in conversation. Apparently, one of his co-interns for the summer, working in the same division as him is a certain Lee Melchionni. Yes, this Lee Melchionni. Did I mention that my brother prefers a, shall we say, “lighter” shade of blue?

This will undoubtedly lead to all sorts of hilarity at CSFB this summer. My brother claims that he will wear his “UNC 2005 National Champions” t-shirt to work the first day. Or perhaps ask Lee why he didn’t box out on Marvin Williams when UNC beat Duke at the Dean Dome. Or maybe ask about his views on Coach K’s American Express Card.

Given that Lee has about 8 inches on him, I don’t know how long the taunting will last. But it should be fun while it does.

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